Organic Horticultural Benefits Alliance – Lecture in Houston review

Green Grow Organics founder Sam Sittlerle, our business development director, Mary Nethery, and our friend Hector Navarro attended the Betsy Ross lecture in Houston Tuesday evening. Our hosts were the OHBA. A fantastic evening of learning and discussion about how to get carbon back into the ground. Analyzing soil structure and seeing where a property is, before deciding where we want it to be, is critical. Deciding what kind of landscape we want to produce and what end result we want is key.  Many local landscape architects and organic product manufacturers as well as property managers were present.  A great turn out and discussion ensued of some of Betsy Ross’s projects in the Houston area as well as the George W. Bush Library on the SMU Campus in Dallas.

OHBA is a community focused organization dedicating to educating all individuals, gardeners, homeowners, landscapers, schools and truth seekers on the real world application and benefits of organics, so that our community not only survives but thrives, as the world moves towards organics and sustainability.

Betsy Ross is our friend and mentor. She is the founder of Sustainable Growth Texas.  Green Grow Organics is working with Betsy on the City of San Antonio’s first chemical-free project, starting soon.  The Lackland Corridor Gateway project is the 1st phase of a multi-phased project along Military Drive.  Creating these safe, healthy, natural environments has untold benefits.  We carved a significant savings out of the project by following natural biological horizontal construction methodology, rather than chemical-conventional, which is all too prevalent.  Fortunately, our industry, municipalities and institutions are moving toward this methodology.

Look for more of these projects on the horizon as the GSA (General Services Administration) has moved to SITES Standards, which are the environmentally-friendly standards the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center helped develop.  It is a bit odd since LBJWC is not fully-organic.  Regardless, it’s a great move for the earth and for all its creatures.

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