Memories from a Hill Country Garden: Flowers, Stones and Critters


Sometimes we get these regional gardening books that really sing to us. Jim Truchard’s coffee table size ode to his beloved Hill Country Garden is such a book.

Inside jacket reads thusly:

“An inside look at the diverse and distinctive Texas Hill Country through the eyes of a passionate gardener.

When Jim Truchard moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, he immediately fell in love with the unique character of the Hill Country. In the decades since, he has found much joy and relaxation in creating a garden that showcases the region’s wide ranging flora. In Memories from a Hill Country Garden, a personal reflection on this breathtaking part of the American landscape, Jim documents his journey toward creating a garden that could endure unpredictable Texas weather and the presence of abundant wildlife.”

“Jim has endeavored to work with the land and utilize as much native plant life as possible, creating a harmonious retreat for his family and local plants and wildlife. Memories from a Hill Country Garden showcases the path of a man whose passion lies in the beauty and serenity that bloom when one finds his or her place in nature.”

Broaden Your Library with regional books that delve down into our limestone and soil formations, that get to the heart of what it takes to be part of the natural ecosystem, rather than fighting what we have been given. There’s a wealth of knowledge in the South Central Texas regional gardening tome. We will publish a series of recommendations to liven up our understanding of this marvelous combination of clear water and blue sky, on the Edwards Aquifer-fluid lands we’ve inhabited. Where we pinch a garden out of mere nothing, where we dance with drought and intense floods. We learn a natural rhythm of our soil. Listen to it closely. Books such as Jim Truchard’s help us all do just that.

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